Bisexual Men Of Color Need Their Women To Be More Open Minded: A Black Woman’s Testimony! 0 3448

Can we first speak about these down low men out here slanging wood at everybody? The real tea is that a lot of women of color outchere cuddled up with a bisexual man on the low low.


I have no problems with DL men in fact I’ve had my share of trade too. I always say, do what makes you happy even if nobody else understands why you do it. The top piece of advice I have for these DL men is to wrap it up.

Something I do not endorse is down low men living double lives and affecting their side pieces or their wives. There are too many STD’s spreading out here for these men NOT to protect themselves. The problem is a lot of these men are taking this stuff back home to Black women. Black women are at high-risk of contracting HIV and also are the leading cases of HIV infections according to the reports and statistics.

We need our Black sisters to come to terms with the reality that a lot of these men are out here with everybody. There is no such thing as knowing your man can’t be on the DL.

I’m not being messy, I’m being honest about the fact that these women need to know all the facts. Many of them will end up dealing with a bisexual, down low, curious, in denial closeted homosexual at some point or may have already in the past. There’s nothing wrong with a man liking what he likes but we need them to protect these women by all means! They have nothing to do with the DL man’s desires and cravings.

LADIES! The reality is harsh but these men are sexual creatures, and yes they like to explore all avenues, highways, and freeways. I don’t see the average down low closeted man changing his lifestyle choices for no one. Women of color will have to understand while also learning how to embrace their man’s bisexuality.

Educate yourself on bisexuality and don’t emasculate your man if he comes out and confesses to you his truth and darkest secrets. I’ve spoken to a couple women who informed me that their man came out to them about their bisexual lifestyles and truths.

These women know deep down inside about what’s going on with their man. Instead of addressing the pink elephant in the room, they ignore it. This is how HIV comes into play. Some women know their man is stepping out and they continue to have unprotected sex with them.

Meanwhile, he’s stepping out with another man who may be HIV-Positive, and he brings it back to his wife or side chick. Instead of her dealing with the direct problem she pays it no mind or act oblivious about it. We need our Black sisters to be more observant and cautious about their man’s secret lifestyle choices.

When these women turn a blind eye to their man’s behavior, It gives their man the right to continue to play both sides of the fence. Ladies check out these clues to look out for when suspecting something is up with your man. I’m not saying he’s GAY for sure, but there’s a possibility. This article isn’t to be messy, so no I’m not dissing DL or bisexual men.

Suspect Behavior


One of the most significant clues to look out for is suspicious behavior. Little signs he often displays from time to time. Most of the time he doesn’t even realize he’s doing these things. One sign is his dislike for women. I mean a STRONG dislike for all of them. He may love him some bomb ass pum pum, but if he treats you like crap, it’s not adding up. It’s a sign he’s masking his true feelings. Yeah, he’s having intimate moments with you, but if he doesn’t treat you like a queen then what does that say? Sex is just sex it proves nothing when his actions will always speak his truth.

A man can lay you down and then turn around and display pure hatred for you. I also believe there are deep-rooted issues he’s afraid of even addressing, so he takes it out with rage and hate on his wife, woman, side chick, baby mama. Do not be a fool by his romantic side, and it’s just a way to mask his reality. A real man will always cherish his woman. If a man treats you like garbage that speaks volumes.

Homoerotic Behavior


Now I know people say if a man likes his peach tasted it’s gay. All right, you can have that argument. You may even say a man who loves his private entrance massaged and played with isn’t suspect. Okay, some of them like a Little taboo fun but why does he has to use “no homo,” for every single thing he does that gives off homoerotic vibes.

A straight man who’s confident in his sexuality will not feel the need have to scream it out loud 24/7.

He won’t have to defend or justify his manhood.

If you’re making homosexual gestures, then you’re in the act. Real men don’t have to be loud about their sexuality or masculinity. A man with a lot to hide does and will bark the loudest.

Homophobic Remarks


A man that feels the need to call a gay man derogatory terms is a suspect.

A secure straight man does not care about gay men and what they do behind closed doors. Most straight men they should be happy that we’re gay because that means more women for them. If you gaining from the situation of there being gay men around then why so much tension and animosity?

When a man focuses his attention on gay men, then that’s a little funny. What could a gay man do to put fear into a heterosexual man?

Besides the fact of spilling his tea?

There’s nothing I can do to threaten your sexuality and manhood. Why are you so uncomfortable to be around us? What got you so out of your element? Chase the pum pum bruh why you focused on us though?

His Home Boys


Like they always say: you are the company you keep. Most down low men engage with other down low men. It’s a lot safer to be with another guy on the down low and a lot to lose. While some of them don’t understand this code and they get with messy gay men, anyway.

There’s nothing wrong with men being friends with other men including gay men. The problem is when you know something may be up about certain friends you can’t put your finger on. You got to keep your eye on his posse sometimes the signs be there.

 Deleted Text History / Unknown Caller ID’s


The most significant clue of knowing if your man is gay or just unfaithful period is by seeing his text messages. If you want to know something about him, you can find out by reading his messages. I do not condone scooping through people’s personal property. If he’s faithful then what could he be hiding from you? NOTHING! The issue with that is if he has something to hide he will more than be hiding it in his phone.

He Doesn’t Reveal All Of His History To You.


Believe it or not but I think there is a ton of men who have dabbled in homosexuality in the past. Let’s not act like it’s not possible that your man hasn’t tested the waters. Some men experiment more often than you’d like to believe.

But then you have those type of men that come back for seconds, and thirds and their sexual appetite for the same-sex be so strong; Instead of them being honest they hide and stay in the closet.

It is critical that our Black sisters get tested and remain educated on HIV even if they are HIV-Negative. You can believe your man is one of the straightest men walking this earth, It‘s better that you be safe than sorry and never too late to protect yourself ladies.

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