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Big Lies and Small Promises! 

Fellas, if you can not keep your word, then don’t give it. 

If you can not make a promise and follow through with it, then don’t make any promises.

It’s plain and simple!

A lot of guys claim they keep it real but nothing real comes out of the situation for the other person they’re supposed to be dating. Many men or should we call them boys will claim something while doing the complete opposite under the disguise of keeping it real in your face but fake behind your back.

A lot of gay men always trying to say that they’re seeking something genuine and real but sometimes they turn out to be some of the biggest liars you’ll ever meet.

Ask me how I know this so well about these men… SMH.

These past few months for me, I’ve been hearing a lot of big lies and small promises from guys I been dating.

My dating experiences are always my best content just like artists with music. I speak about my own struggles with dating on my blog because so many of you can relate to me. I would say my best work comes from articles about my own personal experiences.

We all tired of these men out here in these gay streets….

These men will lie just to keep up with the last lie only to come up with the next lie to cover that one. Every lie will add up and become a bigger lie and they will break every promise every time.


Nobody wants to waste time dating pretenders and phony ass guys and I mean NOBODY!

We have countless guys out here telling lies and not being able to shame the devil.

Let me speak on the fact that some of these men were raised and bullied into becoming the great liars that they are today. A lot of these men lie constantly about their HIV status all the way down to their sexuality. So now we have overgrown men lying about the silliest things that would make big boy lies sound good.

What fucks me up inside is the fact that these men can smile in your face and tell these lies effortlessly. I mean it’s scripted to where you would never question them. They have lied to so many men to the point of perfecting their craft and the ability to allow the words to slide off their tongue so smooth and they clever with it.

Time goes on and you put two and two together and their charming finessing ways only reveals how thin their veil becomes. A liar can only keep up a lie for so long until those lies become exposed.

If a man can’t keep his promises to you then how many times must he break his promises for you to realize you’re not a priority?

Fellas and some of you ladies who may also read this gotta do better.

When he tells you big lies and make small promises call him out on it. A lot of us want to brush things under the rug a few times. “Oh, that doesn’t sound right but I’ll let him slide,” Or we often like to play along because of the dick or ass is good. A lot of us will put up with the shit because having a piece of man is better than no man. NO!

We have to put ourselves first and make ourselves a priority. If a man can’t make you important enough to be honest with you then he just doesn’t see it for you. A lot of these men will only tell you what you want to hear instead of what you need to know.

And what do we do? We eat it up and we soak it up as if we’ve found the golden prize of a man. We turn a blind eye to the truth so we can feel good even if that feeling is only good for a few days. We want to hold on to the things we often know won’t do us no good.

Pay attention to the things he says and the promises he makes to you. If the shit sounds like a lie then more than likely, it’s a damn lie. If the promises sound too good to be true then more than likely, it will not come into fruition. 

Trust no words and focus on the action behind the words they speak! 

A person will tell you anything to get what they want from you even if it’s at your own expense. Be mindful and also cautious because people say a lot of things that sounds good but turns out to be anything but good. You’d be gagging if you don’t be careful of the lies out here being spread by men with no shame of lying.

Pathological liars can come as the prince charming to save you.





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