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It’s safe to say the term “old heads” is out of style and mature men are the phenomena of today.
Getting you an older guy is now cooler than in the past. Everybody is chasing and yearning after men they used to call “old heads.” It’s very ironic how those old heads are now sitting on half of these young heads out here. Yesssss a lot of these men are zaddies, and also somebody’s MCM.
You may still not be interested or feel attracted to older men after reading this article. That’s okay because that gives the ones who are seeking men of zaddy status more to choose from, you know?
Instagram has skyrocketed the zaddy movement. Gentlemen like Irvin Randle and plenty of more fine men of color have changed internet game. Now everybody wants a man of a particular age even though some of these men are heterosexual identifying men. It doesn’t stop us the gays from showing mad love to the fine ass grandfathers and daddies of the world.
Finding you a salt & pepper bearded piece of eye candy is hard work. I think once you find him; the work gets harder trying to keep other young cubs from wanting him too.
So I made a list of reasons drop a young fool and find you a mature man today.

Older Men Are Still Young At Heart

Don’t sleep on these men thinking age means a freakkkinnnggg thing. These zaddies are still young at heart. You can learn a lot as you enjoy their company! Age is nothing but a number and as long as it adds up then you good. Don’t assume because he’s older that he can’t keep up with the rest of us. These men got more experience and can show you a thing or two if you will learn something new.

Older Men Not For The BS. They Know What They Want

One thing about dating older men is the fact they know what they want. There are no times for games or BS for most of these mature men. They peep ish from miles away, and if your communication isn’t on point, he isn’t wasting his time. When a zaddy says he wants a commitment, you better be ready to give it to him. If you’re tired of these young, dumb, and full of yummmm, fellas find you a man that got no time for the games.

Stability, Consistently And Reliable

There are three golden rules when trying to match up with a mature man. Be ready to offer stability, consistency, and reliability. If you can’t give him security of trusting you in a relationship, it’s a dud. These men are also looking to provide the same, so be ready to play by his rules. If you’re lucky, you’ll end up playing with a winning hand.

Father Figure

This has nothing to do with your dirty mind games. To speak honestlyI think these men could provide more than the weed, bedroom intimacy, and drama. These men can give you the guidance you need and been searching for in a young man. Don’t think because he’s taking on the role of a father figure he will babysit you. He’ll let you know when you’re getting too out of hand. Plus, these men have experienced everything we’re going through or will face at some point. If you like a man who can put his foot down but also offer you real tough love, this is the man you need.  

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