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Your TOP is Another Man’s BOTTOM!

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I can not stand when gay men worship TOPS as if they are the top tier group of the gay community.

In some bottoms eyes, TOPS can do no wrong. You can try to tell some of these gays that their favorite TOP porn-star is a TOTAL bottom in real life and they will argue you down.

The reality is that the illusion of masculinity can cause delusions for some of you. You guys get caught up in the fantasy side of masculinity but when reality hits you, you left gagging and can’t believe it.

I’m here to break the news to you! Your TOP is another man’s BOTTOM.

We already know how some gay men feel about masculine men and “strict” tops.

These men are lusted after and often placed on a pedestal. Most gay men have a high regard for TOPS. The image of these men is often appreciated and prioritized. So for the gays who shout out “masc only” and “strict tops,” I wonder how they feel when their dream man turns out to be open to getting the dick in secret behind closed doors!

Some bottoms are AGAINST the idea of ever being TOPPED by a man that has been topped himself. I don’t understand how some gays can be so gullible when it comes to sexuality and what most gays will claim "publically" but be lying out they loose booty holes.

These labels got a lot of gay men stuck with a one-track mind. A lot of these men do not realize how fickle these men’s “positions” are depending on the situation or even the "encounter" cause some of us know how these strict "tops" position changes occasionally.

I know total tops who be on that tour life and they do things for the dollar. You would think these men were all trade but if the price is right, they will arch they ass up and spread it wide!


I never judge a book by its cover because you never know a person’s true self or secret desires. Your man may only be a top with you but behind closed doors with other men he’s taking dick better than you can fellas (and some of you ladies!)

Stop assuming that you know a person’s sexual position based on their characteristics or even mannerisms. Get to know a person and stop focusing on all these gay labels and get yours while you can.

These “TOPS” as you know them to be could very well be somebody else’s BOTTOM!

Fool me once, shame on you; Fool me twice, shame on me! You just never know what a man likes regardless of how you perceive him or your expectations of him. The trade will have you fooled when they turn out to be realness with a twist! (Ballroom slang look it up.)