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You Hate Us In Public But Love Us Behind Closed Doors!

Something I will never understand is the mindset these men have out here. If you dislike homosexuals — if you can't stand these punks then why you do focus on us??

I believe the loudest person in the crowd is usually the guiltiest. When it comes to these down low closeted men they display all the signs of insecurity and self-hatred. Nobody has to tell or prove a damn thing to me for me to see the shit for what it really is.

You hate us in public but love us behind closed doors!

Why is that? What is it about other gay men that have some of these closeted men so bothered? You hide behind your hyper-masculinity, misogyny, and ego. You use your hateful disguise as a shield to protect you and your fragile manhood. You have no empathy or concern for your own community.

What's funny is the fact these men can sit in a room full of men who are comfortable in their manhood. These are the men who are secured within their sexuality and can be among the gays with no issue. The first person to point out one's sexuality, to deem someone as a punk, sissy, queer, faggot is usually the closeted homosexual.

Out of all the men in the room, the loudest will always tell on themselves. Straight men who focus on straight men shit and not threatened by homosexuals don't act like that. A straight man who is getting pussy like clockwork doesn't care about a man and his private life — unless something in his spirit identifies with that individual!

So we have these "straight" identifying men (down low) who hate us in public but love to get on their knees for us behind closed doors.

I respect all people for what they are and how they living their truth. This isn't a direct post at down-low men. Some down low men are safe with me. They not out here hooking and crooking and then drooling over some dick. I'm addressing the closeted men who are DL but out here attacking the gays verbally and physically.

You hate us but you are everything you see in us.

Everything from the way we feel to the very desires we have inside us. You hate the very thing you see because you are reminded of yourself when you see us living in our truth!

Once again, I salute the down-low men who are closeted (not misleading women and living double lives in a messy ass way) minding their own damn business. If you don't understand why gay men are so open about their sexuality, that's okay. The issue is when you feel the need to bash and attack us.

You rather put these gay men in harm's way than to protect the very kind that can relate to you the most. You hide your truth but deep down inside you can't run from it. It bothers you so bad because the truth will always surface. You may alter it, deny it, reject it but it's always going to be there!

We need these men to come forward and instead of hating us in public they could start embracing us. You can continue to be down low and the biggest dick lover behind closed doors. But what we need is for these men to stand up and do right regardless if they want to announce their truth or not.

What they don't understand is that now we peep the shit for what it is. When a man is so bothered by homosexuals it raises red flags in people's minds. We see through your toxic hyper-masculinity. Everything that you try to ignore or cover-up will always reveal itself. So instead of bashing the gays in public and wanting us behind closed doors just mine your business.

You don't have to say a damn thing about those gays over there in public! You don't have to even look in their direction. But once again, when you make all that noise you only having the finger pointed back at you with suspicion.

Do right by us and what's right will come back to you!