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Little Booties Matter!

Calling all bottoms! This is my announcement for all of you and your beautiful booties!

I want to make this statement because I feel like some bottoms feel the need to get bigger asses than what they already working with.

This may not be noticeable for a lot of you but I’m seeing the transformations occur more and more now than ever before amongst gay men. At one point it was rare but now it's blossoming at least from my own observation. I don't know why but if you look close enough you'll notice it too.

Of course as men of any position, if we love ass we love ass.

This includes some of you bottoms as well cause contrary to popular belief a lot of bottoms enjoy ass too.

Don’t sleep on these bottoms! They get it in!

But I don’t think we need to see oversize asses on men with small frames. I’m not saying it’s not natural or unattractive but it looks obviously connected to cosmetic work.

I love all asses from the flattest to the phattest on big or small men. I just would prefer a bottom or verse guy with a real ass that is homegrown; a natural booty. Nothing against those who get pumped or if they out here getting Brazilian butt lifts. I just like the feel of a man with a more natural ass.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still buss down a guy with sil and surge. I just prefer his cakes to be home-cooked and not manufactured in a commercial kitchen.

Bottoms: be proud of the ass you got no matter what imperfections you may feel about it. Listen, us tops admire and love the ass you have already. If he says he doesn’t he lying!

Little booties matter!

I get rock hard looking at little booties just as much as I look at phat asses. If I could, I would line them all up and demolish and devour every last ass insight.

Excuse me but that’s the freak in me trying to come out!

(Boy go down!!! Go down!)

I’m just getting excited as I write this post thinking about all sizes of ass.

Love the skin that you’re in and know that you are loved for it also.

We need little booties just as much as we want the big ones. Little asses have many benefits. Y’all are a lot more flexible (in my opinion.)

Bigger asses take more time to position and reposition but that’s not the point I’m supposed to be making right now. They got benefits as well.

Embrace the size of your ass! Trust me, my ass ain’t big either but when I bottomed in the past I worked the fuck out of it.

It’s not about the ass size it’s about what you can do with it. And just because somebody gots a phat ass does not mean they know how to work they back or arch properly.

Some of the biggest asses come with many complications in the bedroom. I’m just saying what most guys won’t say!