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Keep The Sex Demons Out Of The Bedroom!

You never know a person’s mentality until you get up close and personal with them. Well, in this situation I wish I hadn’t gotten close at all.

Let me tell you guys about the time I almost fucked with a guy who wanted to play with sex demons.

Yes! This guy wanted to summon sex demons and I was beyond scared cause I experienced enough demons with my exes at the time.

This happened ages ago I was around 18, and it still haunts me like it happened yesterday. No, this guy wasn’t a weirdo or somebody you would assume as strange. He was a regular black guy. I’m not saying if he was into some dark shit that he was a weirdo cause that’s not the point I’m making. People do what they like and I don’t discriminate against people’s personal hobbies or choices.

Just don’t involve me in something without my actual consent because like them I have the free will to say no.

2008: I was talking to this guy and he was very consistent with wanting to buss me down. He wanted some ass, and at the time I was very interested in getting me some of that beefcake! 😂🤣

Something about him grabbed my attention immediately and I slid in his DMs on bgclive (remember that site friennnnndddd? Pops lips.) I didn't think twice about it and maybe I should have thought it through, but I didn't at the time being that young consequences didn't phase me.

"Hey, how's your morning going?” I wrote in his DMs. I was a young, dumb and full of cum. I thought I knew it all and being that I was now legal, I could have it all too. Well, that backfired on me big time!

He wasted no time and maybe less than 20 minutes later he responded with a smiley face and dick pics.

I was overwhelmed but very dick hungry at the time. I'll be honest, I was starving for dick. I had just turned 18, I didn’t have to hide my age or explain shit. I felt this freedom of being able to express myself sexually. This would been my first actual legal age sexual encounter. I was over thrilled, excited but not ready!

Despite me not being a bottom, I started out being the very thing I didn’t care for. But once again conditioning in the gay community will make people become something that they aren’t or haven’t really decided for themselves. Older gays prepping or molding you into whatever they want you to be or listening to other gays about what fits good for you. Conditioning in the community works in many ways. Like many of my peers, I too was going along with what everybody else wanted from me.

Upon seeing his dick I was quick to ask when he wanted to meet up. He responded back just as fast.


I wasted no time getting my shit ready.

He didn’t live too far from me and I was tired of waiting even though I had just chatted with him that same day. A very very irrational decision on my part. I respect the fact he didn’t hide his intentions but kept it all the way real with me.

I made it to his house and everything was cool at first. When I knocked on his door I wasn't expecting for him to be meeting me butt ass naked at the door.

Things didn’t get weird until we got to his bedroom. The first weird shit I noticed is the fact he painted his entire room black.

I thought that was "different” but I didn’t look too deep into it. At the time, I thought he was edgy and strangely-unique.

It got more strange as the vibe started to change as well as the shift of energy in the room.

“I want you to say the Lord’s Prayer backward.” He demanded.

I was looking at him as if he had a camera somewhere telling me all this was one big prank.

"I want you to get naked and say it!" He said in a much deeper tone.

“You want me to say what?” I asked him out of complete confusion. I thought if I played stupid then he would play back with me. But by his reaction he wasn't here for no games.

He proceeded to undress me with a aggressive force.

“You heard me!” He said but this time the tone of his voice got more intense.

Weird shit didn't end there because he started playing cryptic piano music. He did have a piano in his house so it wasn’t too far fetched that he was into classical music. But the moodier the vibe got the more scared I became. All I came to do was get some dick and that's all.

He pulled out a book, some blindfolds and hand cuffs.

From that moment, I knew I had fucked up. He started to chant something as he was prepping the room.

Um, it didn’t feel right in my spirit. I pretended as if I got a text on my phone and I got the fuck out of his house.

Idk what his intentions were but it didn’t feel right and ever since that situation I never went to another man’s house.

This very day I still don’t go to men’s houses. I will meet you in a public place but don’t ever expect me to come to your home on day one.

I think maybe that experience wised me up a little bit. I know a lot of gay men who are quick to do any and everything for the dick or ass and sometimes it’s costly!

The reality is that there are people out there who will put you in harm's way. It doesn’t matter if they are gay or straight. Not everybody’s intentions are good for you.

You may think this person is normal or not crazy but behind closed doors you just never know who you'll meet.

I’m glad I got away cause he was def trying to summon some entities into his bedroom. He was on some other shit. I wasn’t ready or prepared for none of it.

It frightened my ass and maybe he was trying to do that to teach me a lesson? Who knows but you just gotta be cautious and vigilant. I know for fact it changed my life forever. There's no good crazy ass or dick that would make me do that again.