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Justin Ingalis: Remember The Name Because You’re About To Hear His Voice Soon!

The moment I listened to Justin Ingalis's song "Throwback" on SoundCloud from his latest EP "Call Me When You Get This," I knew I would interview a future superstar!

I saw one of his songs being shared on Twitter and his potential star power intrigued me. I knew in that moment after listening to some of his songs on SoundCloud that he would become a superstar someday. I became a solid fan, and here we are now.

"I’m doing great! I’m so excited that this is happening. And thank you that mean so much!"

He wrote as we started our candid interview. I wanted to get to know Justin, the man behind the music. Often people get caught up in the artist and not cover their background or how they started where they are today. As an independent artist who is not signed to any major recording company, Justin has the quality sound to be a major star. After releasing his newest EP "Call Me When You Get This" in August, he's been working hard over time to promote his music. He revealed a little-bit about himself and some of his biggest influences in music.

Well, I’m originally from Nebraska. I can’t shade my hometown. But, I’ve been in Vegas for about 2 years now. Honestly, hands down it would have to be Ciara. My mother and everyone else pinned Chris Brown on me, and he’s dope as well don’t get me wrong. Ciara to me she just captivated me as a young child and had me dancing on my mother’s car. That’s when I really got into dancing. She birthed that for me, and I feel like I owe her for that. She’s all around goals and an amazing entertainer.

When I asked him how he came up with 4 EP's as an unsigned artist, he revealed more!

So, back in January, I went through one of the toughest breakups I’ve ever had to deal with. It taught me so much, opened my eyes and it gave me so much to write about. Music has always been an excellent outlet for me to express my feelings and for the fans to hear me on a different level. So “Lie To Me” came first and was pure trash talking, in my feelings, yet expressing love type music. Then, I got to a point where I wrote down all of my fears, wrote down what went wrong in the relationship and felt relief. So Call Me When You Get This was my way of saying “Here are the good times, the bad times, and where I’m moving with the situation.” My musical voicemail to a love a phone call he won’t pick up. Hoping he calls me when he hears this project.

When I first saw his EP title, I immediately thought of K. Michelle. I guess creative minds think alike and the way she pours her heart out in her music; I got that same energy from his newest EP. When I asked how long it took to create this project compared to his previous released EP's. He candidly shared with me some interesting, fun facts behind his dedication and hard work behind the scenes with his music.

This project amongst probably Lie To Me took two years. I wanted to take my time with it. My first idea was to release one project in parts because initially, I recorded all the songs together in the same time frame. So instead of a full album and throwing too much out at once, I decided to break it up into 2 parts. I still have songs left, but I think I want to start working on my debut album now.

He put in some years into his projects before releasing it publicly showed me how sincere the lyrics, the production, and the selections were perfectly handpicked and placed for this project. As an indie artist, the hustle is now now now and rushing to enter a quick race to try to be noticed in a pool of other unsigned artists. What I see with Justin is that he's not willing to throw out bullshit hoping to gain attention or instant fame. When you take time to master your craft and package a quality project it shows. You can tell he has put in a lot of work and effort into his music and it will definitely pay off for him soon.

He touched on his favorite work has to be Lie To Me and if you haven't checked out that EP. You have to after get on that after you listen to his latest work.

He describes "Lie To Me" as raw. The artwork gave him life, and I'm sure it got a lot of guys drooling. He's one of the few only artists [indie-wise] that creatively dives deep into not only the music but how he delivers the imagery of his artwork. He describes it as real Janet Jackson "All For You" vibes.


Check out a clip from his song "Pressure" which is one of my favorite songs off of his newest EP "Call Me When You Get This."

Justin is a triple threat, not only does he makes music but he also dances, and he's an incredible dancer. I wanted to find out who inspired him to dance the way he does. He pointed out the king of pop, Michael Jackson and also Usher as being his most significant influences for him as a dancer.

Michael Jackson gave me so much power. I was so young when I first saw his music videos. His dancing, his music and the way he owned it. Michael showed me no matter what give your all. Whether you’re performing for 1,000 people or 2 people. Give it all! Usher was iconic with the footwork and his vocals. All of them share similarities in which I gravitated to. I feel like I took pieces from each of them and it’s helped me become who I am today as an artist and create my own lane in a way.

Justin has pretty F'ing amazing concepts he has coming up for his visual plans for his latest EP. After asking about if he planned on releasing any music videos for "Call Me When You Get This," he revealed something even bigger.

I’m actually working on something right now. It’s a visual EP for #CMWYGT 3-4 tracks from the project will be in it as well as a storyline. Then I’ll have like other visuals by themselves. I’m trying 😩 I have been so slept on. And I’ve been waiting to release visuals because I want nothing but excellent quality for my viewers.

I had to mention that LGBT musicians rarely get the credit they deserve. That our talent is often not appreciated and not sought after. Yeah, we have Frank Ocean but he didn't come out as a "Gay artist." We haven't had a big-time openly Black Gay artist that took over the pop world. He revealed if he could ever see an openly Black Gay musician who could take the music industry by storm.

I do think there will be. I feel like Frank Ocean was a start, and he has the power to do so much more. I feel like he’s slacking a bit if I can be honest. The world knows he came out and supported him wholeheartedly. Now, it’s his turn to go out and do more events in the Gay community. He has the power to change the way kids are treated because young kids look at these artists and look up to them for affirmation. He’s kind of gone ghost. Now, I think we can have a popular Gay Black artist, but I feel like some Gay artist feel as if they have to be so raunchy at times just because they’re Gay. I feel like that scares the public. Cupcakke is a queen! She’s a prime example of Black excellence. Someone who’s been unapologetically herself and the world is coming to like her in all her glory. As far as Black Gay men it’s hard because I know a few of my friends and favorite rappers who are Black Gay men that definitely can eat more than half of these straight rappers out right now. I just want a lot of the Gay male rappers out there to know you don’t have to degrade yourself or be so xxx on a track to get noticed. I feel like that’s a big issue with making that switch into the mainstream industry. Because not everyone wants to hear, a man talking about excusing my language but F'ing or going down on another man on the radio or even in general. Which should change, but it’s not gonna be easy. I feel as if we have to ease it on them. That’s why I told myself I’m no longer going not to use “him” “he” “boy” in my music. I’m a Black Gay artist and you will listen to me or you won’t. Your choice.

When I asked him if he could take on that position to be a big break out star while being open with his sexuality.

To be completely honest, I’m not sure. I feel like I’ll need the perfect platform. I just know I have to keep grinding and pushing. But, I love Frank Ocean he gave me hope. That letter was amazing to me because it takes balls especially not knowing the response he’d get from everyone.

When I think of how one's success can skyrocket overnight, Justin shared how he would handle being a major star.

I feel like I would create a visual. Something is telling the world who I am, what I’m about, what I want to do with my time in the industry. I don’t want to be just another artist to make it. Because it seems so easy now yet so hard. Letting everyone know this is me. I wouldn’t change who I am I would change the world.


Let's go back into time and discuss the first project he ever worked on. Like people say, the first project is the most authentic and solid piece of work for any artist. While may disagree with that, I think for Justin his first project solidified his place in LGBT music. I took a listen to the first EP "Tea For Two," and in my honest opinion, I think it could compete with his latest work. Plus for him as an openly Gay artist to deal with social media and how cruel people are online. He revealed what inspired him to just take a leap for faith.

I was young, and I was definitely afraid. I just have been blessed enough to have the strength to just reach for things. You know I realized that you learn from failure and experiences. That was my first experience and to have gotten some great feedback from that was breathtaking. It showed me that I was meant for this and that I was on the right path.

I was interested in going even deeper into his past, and I was curious to know the first moment where he knew he wanted to release music as an artist. I wanted to know his feelings, the thoughts running through his mind before publishing his first EP "Tea For Two." I was interested in knowing what would have been changes he would have made today looking back on some mistakes he made during the first project release.

I would tell myself to just go for it. Don’t let anyone’s opinions steer you under that rock. Be you unapologetically. Since the first project, I think the only thing that has changed is my pen. I’ve always written my own music, produced 90% of my music and mixed and recorded my own music since the age of 12 or 13. I taught myself everything I know.

When I asked of any collaborations, he would love to have with other LGBT acts? He gave me a great list of artists whom I also look up.

I would have to say Kehlani, Frank Ocean, And Cupcakke for starters. They all had their journey and took us with them. I remember Frank Ocean way before he was Frank Ocean. He went by Lonny Breaux, and I remember listening to Novocaine on a Ciara Ustream. I fell in love with that track instantly. Kehlani’s journey she started off on SoundCloud even way before that singing on a talent search. I live for moments like that an artist who is so relatable.


An interesting, fun fact behind the inspiration for his EP "Hot Days, Cold Nights."

My new beginnings inspired that project most definitely. Being new to Las Vegas and coming from the Midwest I was already writing a lot and felt like that was my intro to Vegas. Even though I didn’t know anyone, I feel like it was the perfect time.

Before we close out the interview Justin shared things such as his biggest challenges as a new artist and so forth. People would give a simple ass response to this question, but his authenticity seemed pure.

The biggest challenge for me would be staying strong and not giving up. Because as a new artist you feel as if you’re never going to be heard by the right people. Or heard at all. But, I’ve learned there is always someone who needs you even if you don’t know it. Someone needs to hear your voice.

Giving advice comes from experience, and if I was an inspired artist trying to make it into the music industry. I would seek advice from people like Justin because he's very honest about his experience with music and creating his career. Check out his advice for all the inspiring LGBT artists who may try to embark on their chasing after their big break.

Just do it! Don’t give up and don’t let people’s opinions steer you off the path of greatness. Make your own mistakes, build and learn from your own.

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In 10 years I definitely see myself touring. Hopefully, some Grammy’s and plaques. I want to inspire and help those coming up as well. I see big things for myself and the community.