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It’s Okay To Say You’re Not Okay!

I get messages all the time from my readers regarding personal matters.

A lot of the stuff I read In my DMs are truly heartbreaking. There's a lot of work we have to do in our community gentlemen!

I am constantly receiving messages regarding men finding out that they're HIV positive, abandoned by their family because of them deciding to come out. I mean the list is endless of the sort of the sad situations within our community.

These are the problems we don't speak about on social media. A lot of gay men are focused on likes and hearts and social media attention but when life strikes who is there to support them?

When situations occur who provide them the help they need to overcome their biggest trials and tribulations?

We focused on all the wrong things instead of the situations that matter the most.

I say that to say, fellas, gents, my fellow gay brothers we have to speak up for ourselves! It's perfectly okay to say that you're not okay!

People will share a thirst trap pics before they share their struggles and shortcomings. I feel like if we stop pretending and hiding our troubles then we can support each other more.

You never know what a person is going through and keeping it to yourself isn't healthy. A lot of you guys hold onto pain that you've endured decades ago but have no problem fanboying for these celebs on social media.

Hurt people, hurt people!

Look at all the gay men in these toxic ass relationships. They are dealing with an ever ongoing cycle of chaos, dysfunction, and betrayal. Instead of communicating -- what do most of these men do? They fight, cheat, and hurt each other.

As men, we have to communicate and understand that communication is important. Not only to communicate in our personal relationships but also to vent and be open in general. Your testimony and daily experiences could change or alter somebody else's experiences as well. By you sharing your truth, you may help heal someone else in the process of healing yourself.

A lot of us know how depression, anxiety and mental illness is rapid within the gay community.

Instead of seeking out help or guidance a lot of these men turn to many forms of self-medication. These men become addicted to drugs, sex, rage, and self-destruction.

Instead of getting any help -- they feel like they can drink, fuck, fight their way through their internal battles. The issue with this is the fact that you can only run from yourself for so long. Eventually, your truth, your pain, struggles will always catch up to you. It's a wash repeating cycle.

We have lost a lot of men in our community because of this very issue. Suicide is nothing to play with at all! That motherfucka is a beast! It creeps up on you and a lot of these men are not able to handle it.

I truly believe if half of those individuals spoken out, then we wouldn't have mourned so many of them today. They could have been saved. Our problems are never too big not to be solved or moderate with the aid of professional help.

I have dealt with several people who have come me speaking about wanting to take their own life.

Nobody knows what that pain feels like to have a human being tell you they're planning or even in the process of attempting to take their life.

For me, this blog post is bigger than me. I do this to save my brothers from giving up the battle. I know what depression and anxiety feel like. That shit almost stopped me from writing! That shit used to keep me from not wanting to get out of bed! So I know, and I'm not writing at y'all but to you! I have been through it all so this personal.

We can't keep sitting in silencing allowing our pain to eat us up only for our pain and struggles to spit us out.

We have to be a force to stand behind each other in support of our struggles and internal battles.

Nobody is perfect and I don't care how popular they are on social media. Some of these gay men with the most likes, followers, attention go home to nothing but themselves. They may display a personality online but behind closed doors, they are broken inside! With all the likes, men lusting after them in their DMs, etc. they're fighting their demons in the dark, alone.

Do not be afraid to speak up and share your voice. Don't ever feel like your problems are too much to share with others. We are here to support each other it's apart of our human experience. It's not all about you and only you! But people seem to worship these "me" people who don't do shit for the community.

Enough said.

It's okay to say your not okay!