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His Rejection Is Your Blessing!

Something that frustrates me like many of you, which is coming across gay men who do not take rejection well. We see this time after time again on social media, any dating apps, etc. I have dealt with this (first hand) frequently online countless times. When you turn a guy down they wanna get upset, report your profile and photos, curse you out, etc.

Just plain ass craziness!

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But I'm here to tell you that dealing with a man's rejection is, in fact, your blessing!

YES!!! You may not see it right now, but you could have just avoided your next cheater, abuser, a damn liar from entering your life.

His rejection was very well turned around for your own good. Congrats! You just dodged some unnecessary bullshit in your life. He could have infected you with STI's or even worse with HIV. His intentions for you may have been to hurt you just as somebody else once did to him.

When a person rejects you it’s not always about you. He may have known that you were not deserving of the potential treatment he would’ve shown you down the road. Maybe his conscious wouldn't allow him to go through with it.

Whether if he ghosted you, blocked you, ignored your text and calls, etc. Consider yourself the one that got away! If a person doesn’t see it for you, then accept that he's not seeing it for you that and move on. Being mad about it and carrying on doesn’t help you at all. There’s a point in life when you have to accept rejection without taking it personally. Maybe you're the one who could have destroyed him and the universe is stopping that from happening. Some of you know what I'm talking about.

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I am not judging anybody at all and nobody is perfect. I know it may sting a little when rejection is clear and evident. I will say this, the big message is that the rejection was a blessing in disguise.

It doesn't matter how fine he was or how good his ass/dick looked. For all of that, he may have had a problem with keeping his hands to himself.

 You may have thought you found your dream man on Instagram and he ghosted and blocked you, but he's out here spreading STI's and HIV to random men.

He could have been the man you would have wanted to marry someday, but he disappeared on you. You later find out that he's a criminal and locked up for some serious crimes.

Stop taking NO and a man's REJECTION so damn personal, gentlemen!

It's never that important. It's not that serious at all. Realize you have been blessed enough to avoid that man, and that potential problem he would have brought in your life.

There’s always a greater reason and purpose for everything — including a man ghosting or rejecting you! Just know you dodged one!!! 

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