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His Breath Smelled Like D!ck | Hoes Sucking And Dating All In The Same Day!

I don't know about y'all but for me, I can't stand dealing with dick breath having ass men. I’m sorry, if you call yourself coming to see me or date me, don’t come with the scent of dick and nutt on your tongue and coming from the back of your throat.

I had the worst experience a few weeks ago of talking to a guy who called himself taking me out on a date. The issue wasn’t the lack of chemistry but more so the stench of dick breath coming from his damn tonsils.

I don’t judge people and I know a lot of gay men who indulge in extracurricular activities. The question is am I attracted to men who are cum guzzlers of random dicks?

No. I am too cautious and I pay attention to everything prior to taking a man seriously. In most cases, I already did my investigation on you before dating you. I get my answers and I have ways of getting answers to unknown things.

For me, I appreciate him wanting to take me out but I felt disrespected by his lack of proper hygiene for the date. I did what I do best and I got down to it. He ended up revealing the information himself midway into us chilling. He told me he actually just gave some guy head and swallowed his semen an hour before coming to see me.

My legit authentic reaction sitting in his damn car and smelling nothing but pure dick on his breath:

I was livid but at the same time couldn’t reveal my feelings. I didn’t want to end up stranded because at the time he was driving us. I also didn’t want any drama. He wasn’t my man and he was free to do as he pleased. My issue is him not at least brushing his mouth out prior to coming to see me and even at one point leaning in for a kiss (which he did not get.)

Later on that night I did some lurking and I found his little ole Tumblr profile. He had videos and photos of nutt all over his face. He was a true proud cum guzzler and he wasted no nutt. I thought they got rid of the thots on Tumblr. Some how he bypassed the shutdown.

I must say he had cute facial selfies but I was completely turned off.

What makes it worse is him at one point trying to get us in a private area to perform oral sex on me. I wasn’t with it. The scent from the back of his throat told me all I needed to know. I smelled nothing but dick off the roof of his mouth. I was very very disgusted.

He was a true proud dick sucker and made it known so I can’t knock him for doing what he loves to do. I guess using a “date” as a way of getting new dicks down his throat worked for him. For me, it wasn’t going to work that way. I was not impressed by his excessive lip licking and stares at my dick print. I wasn’t going to give him any of my juice! He wasn’t going to give me a free pass to nobody’s clinic either. What also disgusted me was the fact he kept hiccuping and all I could picture is him guzzling nutt down his throat. What he should of done before picking me up, he should of been goggling mouth-wash instead!

Do what makes you happy but I’m doing what is safe for me. Having the ability to put random dicks in your throat does not attract me. I’m down for sexual liberation but there’s a line when it comes to downright promiscuity. Some of these dicks carrying more than semen and that’s straight facts. If I know you sucking and slurping on every man you meet then I know you willing to carelessly do the same to me.

Moral of the story do not allow these men to treat you like their other hoes. It’s okay to have standards for yourself. You don’t have to fuck or allow just anybody to have their way with you.

Then he had the nerve to ask me when was I going to see him again?