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Gay For Pay Or Exploiting The Gay Community For Money?


A lot of gay men have a problem with these so-called "gay for pay" porn stars and only fans entertainers. I don't care what a person likes in their private life or whatever sexual identity they identify with off-camera. I would be more so focused on the fantasy and content because, to be honest, nothing else matters.

For other gay men, it's a different story, and it goes much deeper than the porn itself. We already know the downside of how they depict black gay men in porn and also these studios/companies using false depiction to sell a product to their customers.

Whether if we're given false titles on videos or misleading stats about the entertainers on film. Not all top entertainers are tops in their private lives and not all "thugs" are actual thugs living out that thug life. I don't understand the big uproar about straight identifying men in gay videos when it's their job to "get paid" to play a role and to fulfill the viewer's fantasies on film. Porn is not a life-changing thing and what most of these individuals do off-camera shouldn't be important or a factor at all.

While people feel as if it is deeper than it is, I think one's sexual identity should not affect their job. They are there to present a fantasy. They do not owe us anything more or less. These men aren't selling anybody a dream. They're not committed to us or obligated to reveal nothing to us other than creating good ass content for the viewers.

These men shouldn't be forced to confess their sexual orientation. They are only selling a fantasy and gay for pay is just that a fantasy! There are way too many people getting worked up about small shit because we assume that it's wrong when straight men partake in our arena.

People also have a problem when some of these individuals become popular in the community as well. When in reality, it's not that deep and when it involves porn, it's just porn, fellas? Watch the shit, get off to it and X out of the video.

There should be no entitlement involved because nothing else should matter after their video serves its only purpose. I would like to see the outrage if you had paid these men for personal service and they misled you or robbed you, then yes you could very well take it to heart and be bothered.

The problem with that is the fact that half of you don't even pay for the damn porn you watch. Most of you watch all the free shit on MyVidster, anyway.

How are you going to even complain about men who are doing gay for pay porn? I could see if you had paid for a membership to their site and was robbed and cheated out of your money.

Y'all don't even pay and spend your money on these real gay porn stars. Stop focusing on what these men do off-camera and focus on these fuck boys some of Y'all got laid up in your bed aka hobosexuals.

Your beef should be with the trade that's laid up with you right now and he's not even paying a bill. Your problem shouldn't be with these gay for pay adult entertainers but the men you got playing house with Y'all asses free-of-charge.