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Exclusive Interview With Terry Cameron: Twenty3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Sleeping On His Music!

[JBA]: What does being gay and in color means to you?

- Being Gay & African American may sound cliché [laughs], but it’s like the best of both worlds. What I mean by that is how we’re so carefree, so unapologetic, not scared to express ourselves whether it’s emotional or fashion wise & we’re so bold. I don’t see being gay & black as a negative thing. We’re like entrepreneurs. We should be proud. I love the skin I’m placed in; would never want to change that.

[JBA]: When did you find your passion, and drive for music?

I found my passion for music at a very early age because my family is music-oriented & my mom always sings. So, it’s something I love doing. Being on stage performing makes me feel alive & free. Also, writing songs & singing was my escape from reality since my family never paid attention. Music became my best friend.. my security blanket. Music has always been a huge part of my life. I want to be the guy that will inspire people to chase their dreams & know they’re never alone in their struggles.

[JBA]: You have released two pieces of incredible bodies of work. Twenty3 and PERSONaL. What motivated your drive and influenced you to go into the studio and record those albums?

Thank you. I appreciate it. For both my EP & my album, it isn’t what motivated my drive to record those bodies of work, but WHOM [laughs]; what I mean by that is our creative process comes from personal things in our life we turn into art. It was my honesty that influenced the beginning of recording those projects. I didn’t want to speak on what I couldn’t relate to & be someone I’m not. That’s how I am with all my art.

[JBA]: If you could take yourself out of your position, as being the artist, and just as a fan of your own music. Which top 5 songs would you consider as your favorite of all?

Oh! [laughs nervously] let’s see. I’d have to say ‘Numb,’ ‘Feels && Understanding,’ Me Not,’ Don Julio + Bad Choices,’ & ‘Drugs’ would be my Top 5 faves.

[JBA]: Out In Hip-Hop has an ongoing list of rising artists right now where are so many black, gay rappers, and singers trying to get on the mainstream radar.

Well, I want all the aspiring LGBT+ artists to make it. I have met many artists through-out my musical journey with great unique sounds & messages they’re conveying, and it wouldn’t feel right making a seven-artist list. I want us all to strive & make it to the top.

[JBA]: I will name random songs in your catalog, and you tell the readers the meaning behind the song, and what inspired you to write and record it.

You are getting deep on me [laughs]...

[JBA]: Faded?

‘Faded’ is a real personal party song. I always have a good time when I go out, I love drinking alcohol, & I also get cocky when I feel shade has been thrown (hence the 2nd verse). And no, I haven’t tried lean, cocaine, or molly [laughs].. just during the reminiscing when writing that track, it was a party I went to & they were wild.

[JBA]: XXX.?

‘XXX’ is pure fucking sex. I can write sexual songs more so than anything else. This track can be interpreted in two ways: about you & a lover or a one-night stand. This track also about how I am behind closed doors [winks].

[JBA]: Twenty3?

‘Twenty3’ is the introduction for the overall feel of my album it’s named after. I wanted to inform people what it’s about & what to expect when listening to the album. To be open-minded & hoping it’ll help someone.

[JBA]: Numb?

‘Numb’ is a huge personal song for me. Relationships have never been my cup of tea because I was the one that got cheated on or got left behind. This track is how I am every day & when a guy tries to talk; I Wanna be in love or feel love, but numb & scared because people aren’t consistent & you’re afraid that they’ll leave. I cried when recording that track.

[JBA]: 7:55am?

‘7:55am’ is a mixture of sexual & sensual between you & a lover; caring for them loving them & pleasing them. It’s part 2 of an old song I did called ‘YØU.’ Fun fact: 7:55 am is the time I was born. Creative, I know.

[JBA]: For The D?

‘For The D’ is a song I’m so embarrassed about now [lol]. It’s a slight parody & Made-It-My-Own kind of thing based on the “For The D challenge. I crawl under a rock when my friends play it or recite the lyrics [LOL].

[JBA]: If you weren't making music, what would be your career of choice?

I always wanted to be an actor. Playing real-life pretend always fascinated me. Plus, to see myself on TV or putting in a DVD & seeing myself living in the mind of another seems so killer. Acting has always been my first love. Just never had the family to support me in that path.

[JBA]: Where do you see yourself in 5 years with the music career?

I can’t even say where I’d see myself in five years. I know I will work my hardest to be the greatest artist I can make myself be & have a successful career within them five years.

[JBA]: What can the readers and fans expect from Terry Cameron next?

To all my Guys&Gals expect great things from me, but also be patient with me. I can’t express much detail right now. It’s only a blueprint, but I am planning something. Also, art is maybe coming soon [winks]. What I vision for myself & career is perfecting my craft, studying, & learning more about the music industry. I aim to get better & not stay stuck in place.

[JBA]: Give the readers and new fans your social media platforms. Also, is there anything else you would like to tell the readers before we close out this interview?

Well, I only have Facebook (Cameron Williams).. my Twitter (iTerryCameron).. & Instagram (Cam.xxii).. those are my social media's & where you can find me.

What I Wanna tell my Guys & Gals & which I tell them every chance I get is that I appreciate & love Y'all. Y’all support & love does a lot for me. Also, to never ever, ever put a pause on your dreams/goals. Imagine great things & act on them. 1Love.

Thank you so much for having me, Anthony. I no doubt appreciate all of this. It was fun. 🙂