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Ex-Homosexual | Did He Tell Me A Damn Lie?

I'm never been one to question GOD’s purpose and plan for someone else’s life but this situation left me a tab bit confused.

Recently I was entertaining this guy that I've known for years. We never hit it off but we often exchanged flirtatious messages. I liked him but never had the nerve to express it until recently.

Everything was great at first. He showed much interest in me as I showed interest in him. We developed what I felt like was a nice bond. I would say we have gotten much closer than ever before. We started texting a lot more lately. We never were official but casually we were heading in that direction.

Everything has been good up until last week when he informed me that he had a lot on his mind.

The Cancerian in me already felt the change but I didn't react on it. I kind of wanted him to address it since it was coming from him and not me. He was still keeping in touch but the way he communicates now just feels different.

The dialogue went from flirting to buddy buddy-ish. Now it seems more like I'm the homie than the potential bae. So out the blue, he told me he needed to talk about something. I automatically knew it was some bullshit cause it was just too random almost seem premeditated. It's almost as if he been thinking about how to address the situation all the while still keeping up the connection we have been building.

"So I was thinking..."

he texted.

"I'm not sure if this is for me. I kind of think I'm going down the wrong path and I don't know what to do."

Of course, upon reading this, I'm not putting two and two together. So I kind of asked him to just tell me...

"I'm not sure if I want to continue living this lifestyle. I think I'm going to become an ex-homosexual."

I wasn't sure what transpired for this announcement or how all of this became oh so real over night. I'm familiar with the whole ex-homosexual new age terminology. From my understanding, for some people, ex-homosexuality is a lifestyle change. For many of us, it's fraudulent and dishonest.

Now do I believe a person can become an ex-homosexual? Of course, through GOD anything is possible.

See the issue for me is when this lifestyle change occurs because of religion and the black church. We already know the pressure the black community puts on "confused" homosexuals. It's just a phase or somebody had to do something to make this person to be gay.

Do I believe there are ex-homosexuals among us? Yes. I think some people do find both genders attractive. I think those are the bisexual individuals who have always been attracted to both genders. Do I think gay people just get up in the morning denouncing their homosexuality? No.

This is when my antennas go up and my spidey senses start tingling and go into full effect. I feel like when "religion" comes into play for an "ex-homosexual" I start to feel that maybe those lifestyle changes has happened because of the pressure of the church and black community.

These people are often told that they're living wrong and need to do right and all of that goes into renouncing their homosexuality.

Once again, we've seen that social media guy declare himself as being "delivert!" And how so many people felt like it was a joke more than a serious confessional. For a lot of people homosexuality in the black church is common knowledge.

We know that the church is filled with gay people who often hide behind terms like ex-homosexuality. It gives them a free pass for redemption. While I do believe a lot of them are still willing participants in same-sex sexual activities.

Hiding behind a title is more accepting than it is to just be honest especially in the house of GOD! If anywhere you should be more honest there than anywhere else.

While accepting and also embracing his announcement of becoming an ex-homosexual. I find out that he's actually dealing with his ex.

His ex is actually a pastor himself.

My discernment is real. I guess they both are currently practicing ex-homosexuality together.

I'm all for people finding themselves. I have nothing against it but don't lie to people. I'm assuming he was also dealing with this person for a while. It's possible that they been in a complicated situation and now he's settled with staying with him. I don't know, but a lot of these men out here be playing games.

Just live in your truth and stand by it. Don't be lying or claiming ex-homosexuality while still engaging in the lifestyle. I have nothing against reformed homosexuals fake or not. I just think religion is the best cover-up for their hidden lifestyle. But then again we have people who are gay and completely in the closet in the church. At least the reformed homosexuals can admit to it.

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