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Dear Gays | We Are Not Your "Thug Boy" Toys!

I said it before and I’m going to say it again. These “non-urban” porn studios are always capitalizing off of us while using stereotypical tired ass storylines and stereotypes in their videos and creating racial stigmatized content.
These companies also hire men of color only to represent common stereotypes within the black community that is often viewed as degrading.
The issue is the fact that their main “customers” only support this content because it gives into their fantasies and fetishes of black men of color. The depiction alone about these men on the footage is so calculated and tired.
But what disgusts me is when I see clips connected to “army69” and dialogue being used such as “black ass” and other derogatory terms used against people of African descent disgusts me completely!
The racial microaggression on a lot of these videos is despicable.
I have nothing against interracial porn or adult entertainers. My issue is connected to particular companies that allow these misrepresented images of gay black men on film. Companies like “thug” hunter and gay patrol which I assume are connected to the same owner(s).
These images do not paint us as anything more than criminals and thugs. The very racist undertones which we many of us have to endure regularly in society can be heard on several videos with these themes.
These porn fantasies are problematic when you come across random men of other races online and even bold enough in person to request role-play involving the very themes I have mentioned. I have had Caucasian men ask me to play out their fantasy of being with a “BBC thug.” What tops the cake is the request of me in the role of being their slave master.
Many tasteful adult companies do not degrade or depict black gay men in a negative like. So there are no excuses for these companies.
They don’t feel the need to depict us as such to sell an image to their customer base. I feel like these companies are willing to use us in a negative light just to make money off of us and throw us to the side for another starving porn entertainer, looking for clout.
They pay these clowns pennies to play out racial stereotypes for shits and giggles — meanwhile, they make thousands off of those fools.
We are not your thugs and just BBCs. I do not want to be asked to fulfill your fantasy of being with a criminal or any other black stereotypical role. I am not going to strip down my morals for your sick ass fantasies. I’m not a product of the thug life and I do not carry myself like one.
We are highly sought after the numbers show that, but we don’t need to be falsely painted to gross numbers. The viewership for interracial porn proves that “BBC” is top rated porn. The rotation of black male performers in gay interracial porn is low.
I think companies with bad reputations towards their talent are the cause for this but thankfully since a lot of those facade companies are vanishing it will give more black-owned adult companies, new male performers.