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Dear Gays | If He Says He Doesn’t Want You Believe Him!

You read that right? Straight fucking facts! You guys have to understand this and please don't take it personally.

If a man tells or shows you through his actions that he doesn't want a relationship then please respect his decision.

I know we often think we can fuck our way into a man's heart or space, but the results of that are pointless. If anything all you do is setting yourself for unnecessary hurt and pain.

Don't be the type to hang onto a man in "hopes of." forcing yourself on him will not work in your favor.

Do I believe things can happen that can cause him to magically out the blue want a relationship with you? Yes. People say a lot of things and also fall in love, over time. Does this work for everybody? No. If it doesn't work for you then move on with your life. Don't be stuck on him cause he's out getting his, and he's not thinking about you.

Never get caught up on one man. If that man doesn't seem to be focused on you, then don't make him your entire world.

How you feel:

The reality:

Don't be desperate or thirsty over no man. There's nothing more unattractive about people in general who act thirsty. If he lacks that same energy you giving him then back off!

The biggest mistake any of us can make is giving somebody all of us while receiving nothing in return.

The hardest reality is the fact of knowing that you're getting played. I think the more you psych yourself into believing one thing when it's not what you believe it to be, all you doing is ultimately setting yourself up for failure.

It's okay to accept the reality of this person not wanting you back. They may have misled you, lead you on, used you, but you have to walk away for yourself. Don't be out here going crazy over no man. I don't care how good his bussy, dick, stroke game, mouth game is...

If a man doesn't take you seriously then leave with your pride intact and your ego at the door. As men, we are natural hunters so that forcefulness can be overbearing.

That type of approach doesn't work on everybody. It may work for some but it's not going to help you with every guy you like who isn't as invested as you are with them.

Take my word for it! You will save much time, energy and pain than to try to make somebody see it for you.

If he doesn't see it for you then accept that for what it is. There are millions of other men out there.