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Dear Bottoms: Stop Painting Our D!cks!

I find nothing more disgusting than a bottom who paints other gay men.

It’s one thing if you have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) but if you are just careless with your walls then it’s an issue. If you don’t know what I mean by paint, I’m referencing to plain ole shit.

Some bottoms truly need an ass rejuvenation plan.

I mean go to the doctor, get some good insurance coverage and get that ass tightened ASAP!

There are way too many bottoms out here who have been ran through, okay?

That’s the main problem. When you don’t keep that ass tight then how you going to know if that ass is right? It’s all about dick hungriness and cum thirst, I guess. The question for you bottoms would be how many dicks are you willing to take before you end up with loose walls?

Disclaimer: I’m not bottom shaming nobody! Some of you already got high mileage and just feeling some type of way reading this! Get all the dicks you want love! This, my love, isn’t bottom shaming! I am embracing and trying to support ass rejuvenation amongst loose wall bottoms. If you are looser than a goose than there’s always a solution for that ass!

As a top, it is very important for bottoms to understand that daddy doesn’t want any yellow, brown or green stuff on his dick. If I’m hitting it and I look down and see my dick covered in smudges of discolored feces then it’s a problem. Nobody wants to be shitted on. It comes down to the main point I’m trying to make, outside of those who have a fetish for it.

Me personally, I do not appreciate if a bottom eats something knowing that there’s a huge possibility of them having a potential accident on my dick. Also, do not continue to ride the dick if you are aware of any potential looseness of the walls. It’s not sexy at all. I will embarrass your ass! I will hand you a rag, bar of soap, and a bucket cause you not going to wash your feces into my tub! Go outside and handle that.

Tops are talking and the trade is always down to expose you messy bottoms!

Have any of you seen some of the amateur videos online? If you haven’t you may need to look close enough. Usually, if you read the comments somebody will spot it out. For me and this is how I feel, but once I come across a video where feces is at play, I’m over it. It’s being cut off and never viewed again.   

Nobody has time for you and your last night's dinner which may have consisted of rice and beans. I don’t want any clay or play-doh on my shit. If you even feel any commotion occurring in your stomach while I’m up in your gut then tell me! Politely jump off the dick and clean yourself up in the bathroom. Giggling and thinking it’s cute will turn me the fuck off!!!!

Farting is one thing (I don’t have a problem with a bottom farting while getting his walls pounded. It's actually a fetish of mine.) but to see actual substance coming from inside your ass (that isn’t bussy cream) is a fucking issue.

On behalf of all tops, I’m going to say this!

Please don’t schedule a dick appointment if you are unable to handle the dick, mmkay? If under any circumstances you are filled with shit (literarily) please cancel all plans involving all parties. I don’t care if it’s me or the dick you plan on getting after mine (side-eyeing some of you. I peep game.)

Make sure you also douche properly and use proper cleaning techniques when doing so.

Fucking is beautiful but nobody wants to fuck a funky ass. Once again there are men with this type of fetish but for me, it’s a no!