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Award-Winning Show Is Popular For Commentary On The Mental And Sexual Health Of Black LGBT Community

Washington, D.C. - Here For It Podcast is proud to announce its two year anniversary by giving away a studio quality microphone and one-hour podcasting consultation. Project Briggs, Inc. is set to honor hosts sex specialist @TheeSupaman and culture blogger @RonaldMatters April 6, 2019 at the #Power30 Leadership Awards at DC Eagle, hosted by TS Madison and Tammy Peay.

Here For It Podcast’s mission is to educate the audience about LGBT mental and sexual health and entertain along the way. When discussing the show's importance TheeSupaman says, "We both have watched the miseducation of Black Gay youth lead them down the wrong path. A new day has dawn however with the rise and popularity of Here For It Podcast, where the Black Gay youth can be both entertained and educated in vast swaths of perspectives."

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Podcasts in Color listed Here For It in its Top 100 Podcasts of 2018 and LaughSpin named the show its ‘9 Hilarious Queer Podcasts to Try This Year’.

Ronald Matters is excited about the #Power30 ceremony. “It’s an amazing honor to be recognized for our work by people who are also online and in the streets working to make our lives better every day.”

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About Here For It Podcast

Using quick-witted titles like ‘Empty Condoms' and 'Men in Frats and Gay Apps’ Here For It Podcast provides an edutainment discussion style to research findings, personal stories, and letters from our listeners. Segments in each episode include “Social Studies” to cover stories that impact minority communities slammed by the current president’s latest tweets and actions (or lack thereof), and “Sexual Health” to explore current trends and disband common myths.

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