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Calling All Tops | Wash Your D!ck Before Meeting Us For The D!ck Appointment!

Nothing is more disgusting than dealing with a stank ass top! So once again, I am calling all tops to the conference room for this important meeting!

On behalf of all bottoms, I need for you to wash your dick, ass, and BALLS! Before coming to meet us for the dick appointment.

Some of you already have good hygiene so you know what's expected of you.

If you don't want these bottoms shitting on your dick, then have the same regard for them. Make sure you scrub your dick and balls!

The stench is real and the first place it hits is our face!

We do not appreciate the lack of cleanliness some of you be having when coming over.

What makes it even worse is the fact a lot of these guys will go from one bedroom to another and not even wipe they ass.


When you’re fucking, you accumulate a sweat and odor. Which means your balls and the crack of your ass is getting funky. Do not go from fucking one bottom to the next without properly cleaning yourself.

I've had guys tell me that they've fucked multiple people within hours from each encounter. Meaning: some of these guys are fucking one hole (more likely raw) and then putting his dick in you raw too.

It's not cute it's not sexy to know that these men are carrying themselves this way.

The balls and dick must be scrubbed properly after each and every sexual encounter you have with somebody.

Having your dick and balls smelling like old cheese and shit is not sexy at all.

Bottoms you never allow a man to fuck you without doing a hygiene check. I'm being so damn sincere right now!

You must smell his dick before you put it in your mouth, ass or even on your damn face.

Some of these men are trifling! They not going to tell you they just had a whole ass bottom sucking or riding they dick raw. So you have to protect yourself first! Cleanliness is important when it comes to his dick. If it smells musty, then it's musty for a reason. He needs to either wash up or go!

We gotta do better before we can become better! Walking around with stank ass dick and balls ain't it, it's a chop for me!