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Boys Just Wanna Have Fun And That’s Exactly What Sev7en Taylor Is Doing! [Exclusive Interview]

Sev7en Taylor was one of the first artists I interviewed last year. His music is RAW and GRITTY... I love the way he delivers his message with attitude and aggression. He’s on the come up!

Boys just want to have fun, and right now T. Taylor is doing just that. His music is reaching the masses and mainstream will get a taste of him soon. His sound is addictive and if you haven’t heard about him.

Sev7en Taylor, just a year ago we had our sensational interview! It was massive with the views and your supporters, today we will do it again. How’s your evening going so far?

Hello! Haha — it was epic!

For one, thank you for having me again! I appreciate it.

My evening is going amazing. How about yourself?

Chile, my day is hectic, but I plan on drinking later. Clink clink! Seriously, I’m so happy to be having this interview with you. I’m sure your fans and my readers will love to know what’s going on? What’s happening in Sev7en Taylor’s music world right now?

I feel you. I’ve been busy, and soon my 2018 business agenda starts so I’m trying to co-exist everywhere as much as I can.

So much. Good things. I’ll be finishing this project soon.

My debut EP (album, music project whatever you want to call it.) will be released in April of next year. I will keep the actual date to myself for now. Why April? It’s a full circle moment for me. I moved back home to my mom's house broke, lost, and heartbroken April 2016. From there I went hard. I Rapped — the depression out of me. Channeled my inner hero and became an even more popular upcoming MC.

I put out a freestyle over this semi “Motorsport” Beat which is entitled “Cleo.” I couldn’t find the exact Beat. So I found one on YouTube and murdered it right quick. Which, became everyone’s favorite.

During that rough time, did you turn to music to release your pain? Did that period in your life, influence all the new music for your up-and-coming EP?

Yes, I did. I was battling depression. It confused me. I sat in my room during those hot summer days and wrote raps after raps. — I perfected my craft more. Switched my flow up and recorded the mix tape and beginning stages of my debut EP.

Yes, it did influence a lot of work on this body of work. Just feeling crazy about myself. Often, seeing myself in different dimensions. Was I good enough? Talented enough? Attractive enough? Worth it?

This project reflects my personal thoughts. Not to confuse as a sad project. Just a project that gives you a little of everything. My soul, my heart, and love all in it. It’s more than a “rap” project.

Which song on this EP you’ve recorded if you could think back to April of last year, that you said, may have saved your life?

The entire project. I can’t name just one song.

From the intro to the tracks to the interludes.

I talked to myself, and the universe about things that may have bothered, angered, inspired me.

They are all my babies.

That’s beautiful. You are one of the visible LGBT artists right now. I know last time we spoke, you didn’t want to be considered a “GAY RAPPER,” has that since changed?

A lot of black gay men didn’t understand why you weren’t proud to be considered an LGBT musician.

Thank you. No, it hasn’t. I’m not a “gay rapper” I’m an artist. Just an artist. An introduction is critical (to me at least).

I don’t want to water down my art/talents by giving into such titles. There’s nothing wrong with those that identify and call themselves such.

I stick to being an artist. That’s what I was born as — an artist.

I’m very much proud to be a black gay man. I’m proud of the LGBTQ+ community and being a part of it. I want artists that are reading to not give into these traps of identifications. Gay is my attractive preference. It’s not my whole existence.

I started there, and I don’t end there. It’s the same for female rappers. Heterosexual men are putting you in the box and feeding you tablespoons of acceptance. Nah, B. I see right through those cultures.

Why do you think people categorize all gay rappers and place them all into one category box?

The closed mind does.

Those that are genuinely in touch with the world and the cultures we live in.

They know they are just living spirits in the host of bodies. Creating, from our experiences.

I agree, I don’t feel like somebody’s sexuality should determine their art, gifts, talent! We live in a world with limited expression. If you live differently, then it’s considered bizarre and not acceptable. Do you think the industry will become welcoming to an artist in the LGBT with or without the gay title?

I agree with you it’s the truth.

To answer your question.

YES. Why? Because artists like myself coming in and shaking things up. Let’s have those uncomfortable conversations.

Let’s let the art speak from our guts.

Let’s lose ourselves in a reality where we don’t have to say our names. Just the paint the colors of our soul and live out our divine purpose on this green earth.

You're getting a lot of attention with your latest single “Cloe.” What was your inspiration behind the title?

It’s important. How we identify is essential and how we allow others to recognize us. I’m sure many artists struggle with this constant box trying to be put over us. I don’t like squares. “I don’t do oooz’s and ahh’s” — to quote the great Jennifer Hudson.

I’m free. Let me be free. That’s all I ask.

I wrote to that Beat at the last minute. I would put out something else. I still will put it out later this month (most likely)

They have frustrated me with rap culture. Trap music being amazing but all we seem to make these days. The formula of hip-hop dying because we’re letting every and anybody get in the game. I’m all for feeding your family and self. I want us to keep the main ingredients there.

Flows / bars / word play / STORIES.

I always admired rap, before even writing my first rhymes in my sophomore Spanish class and daydreaming about being as great as the those that inspired me, when I got the chance to give to the culture. I take it seriously. This will live on after I’m dead and gone from this world. I will leave this world as an icon... legend... a superhero for boys like me. I want them to know. I took the time to create these worlds. You all get to listen to.

Protect the art, please.

“Cleo” was recorded and didn’t have a title. The sample from “Set It Off” was already on the track and I originally named it “Frankie” but later changed it to “Cleo” because Queen L. Character was just like many of us. Trying to stay above water. She was of LGBTQ+ experience and did what she had to do to survive. I connected. The whole cast was beautiful and driven. Jada is like a big sis in my head. Vivica is my dear aunt in my head.

Can’t wait to meet them.  Paying homage was perfect.

Yes, that cover gave me what I needed. How do you feel about artists today with music going into a more TRAP style? Do you think the artist should be able to express themselves musically that way?

Thank you! I’m happy you got your life! So excited to hear that. I’m just getting started.

My dear talented friend Chris called me minutes after it dropped and told me “Yo that is the dopest song you ever made” I laughed and thanked him. I think people are now waking up and seeing how my music catalog is reaching and interesting many people from all walks of lives.

I like trap music. I don’t want to hear it 24/7. I need new sounds. I need different and authentic sounds in my life. I get bored easily — the reason why I’m always dying my hair.

The radio is driven, off the popular music and most popular music I don’t listen to. My playlist is very different. I travel through different dimensions. I do feel like an indie artist station needs to be created so we can get more of light without having to be with a label, etc.

Will there be any features on this new EP? Have you reached out to any artists to join your creation?

Yes! There are some features on the project.

You’ll see when the track list drops. I want to thank every person that helped me bring the stories in my head come to life.

I will also be featured on a few projects.

If you could name 10 top artists of today, that you would invite you EP that are mainstream artists, who and why?

1. Foxy

2. KIM

3. Nicki

4. Missy

5. Jay Z

6. Biggie

7. Andre 3000

8. Nina Simone

9. Michael Jackson

10. Prince

They all inspired me in a way for what I do. Their music catalog is inspiring and feeds my soul. We would create classic shit together.

Could you see yourself on reality television being that that’s today’s market for new artists to become major? If so, what type of show would you appear on?

I’ll do reality tv if it’s the right fit. It’s an excellent marketing tool, but I don’t like people cropping and editing my soul for ratings. Painting faces on my face that I don’t connect with.

I would love to do an MTV documentary that many dope artists have done. To be more open and show more people the world I live in, you know?

So when can the fans expect to see you touring?

Very soon! As soon as this project drops, I’ll book venues. Also, working on my listening session for the project itself. I want to perform for an intimate group of people.

Stay tuned. Because blessings and bookings come through and I’ll be posting about them. I was supposed to perform in NYC back in Sept, but I had unexpected surgery.

Well, I’m glad you’re doing a lot better. Before we close out this interview, what's one last thing you would like to tell the fans?

I want everyone to know I love them and I appreciate everyone’s support and I can’t wait for all of you to hear this body of work and stay tuned for music videos coming in 2018. The EP comes out 4.6.18 make sure you guys get it!