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Big D!ck Energy! | Calling All Tops!

Calling all tops!!! I need for all big dick giving ass tops to please report to the conference room immediately!


There has been a major downsize with the TOP department here and I need you tops to get it together!

Big dick energy is real!

If you claim you got it, then bring it to the forefront! You don't have to have a big dick to carry that energy. Just know if you got that type of energy you better bring it in the bedroom!

If you going to tell these bottoms you going to put it down... You better put it the fuck downnn!!!

It's hard out here for these bottoms to have their needs met!

A lot of you making false promises and failing to meet the expectations you have created for the dick appointment.

Don't say you got a big dick if you don't!

Don't say you about to put it down when you won't!

Don't talk a good game when you don't know how to use or work that dick!

If that dick doesn't hit like that these bottoms don't want it!

Nobody has time for limp ass dick and from what I've been told a lot of you got the BDE [big dick energy] but unable to meet the requirements.

I don't know why y'all feel like dick appointments are accessible only for your own needs to be met. No, you have to make sure all parties are satisfied.

You used that same BDE to get the bottom now show them what you made of.

What these tops be saying:

Vs what it really be like:

Fellas, gents! Let's get it together!

Nobody likes to have enthusiasm for a bomb ass situation only to be disappointed 30 mins later.

Don't be that top, fellas!!! Don't embarrass yourself not even for a quickie...

Don't start sex only to reach your climax within 10 mins!

Be about what you say in the DMs and come ready to do it all and do it right.


To all bottoms reading this, do not allow these tops to gas your head up. Don't believe the shit until you see it!