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90 Day Dating Probationary Period

The 90-day probation period will save you a lot of time when dating or fucking these men. Listen to me, I had to learn the hard way recently when I thought I could be more lenient with dating.

Well, it backfired on my ass. All the signs were there, but I ignored them. I didn’t pay attention to that 3-month mark nor did I notice of all the fuck boy qualities he had until it was way too late. I ended up getting rid of his ass, but the moral of the story is not to get caught slipping out here. You need to set boundaries and the tone for the potential relationship. Let everything be known at the door and don’t wait until midway through to speak your mind!!!

The 90 days are for your benefit and should help you and not work against you. Trust me, you will notice how most guys will fail for many reasons. I can honestly say some of those reasons are plain ole stupid! With some of them, they will show their ass within 30 days.

By the time you get to the 60th day of the probationary period, you're practically midway and got an idea if you would like to pursue him, long term. You're not 100 percent sure just yet, but you got a good idea if this the type of man you want in your space and definitely in your face regularly.

At some point, you will notice a shift, a sudden change after the honeymoon period. You both will be able to point out each other’s flaws or potential problems while moving forward and trying to build a relationship.

This is when the representative disappears and the real him will pop out on that ass. His patterns will show and you probably will see why he’s either a great guy or why nobody else deals with his ass.

This time is for you to test the waters.

Is he worth you being tied up in a full ass commitment to him?

Is he good for sex and a few months of fun dates, while you date other men?


Communication is key don’t be playing these men out!

Showtime Shut Up GIF by Desus & Mero

If you not sure if he’s the one, then just tell him. Be open about the idea of dating other people but still continuing to get to know each other. That will put you in a safe zone. Make your intentions known up-front leaving no room for misunderstandings or potential problems down the road.

He’s going to be on his best behavior but eventually he’ll show you another side to him. Notice the things you like about him and also the things you immediately can’t stand and may not want to tolerate in the future.

How does he act with his mammy?

How does he act in public?

How does he act when he’s drunk or high?

How does he make you feel overall and not just based on his dick game, but his mental and his soul and spirit?

These are some questions you should think to yourself about.

Don’t rush into a full relationship based on the tales he shares in the beginning. He has to create a level of trust with you before switching the script on that ass.

He’s a good guy doll until you end up meeting chuck’s ass.

childs play film GIF

^^^ DAY 25







DAY 120 

childs play chucky GIF

That Gemini effect these guys be low key having out here is real. More than likely he’s performed this script before and he’s stellar at it. Most men have it down to the T and eventually, they embody this character long enough to switch it on and off with ease.

See-through the smiles and the cracks and look at his internal and not at his external (that ass or dick or good looks.)

What does he bring to the relationship?

What does he take away from the relationship?

Does he know what a real relationship requires outside of sex, sex and more sex?

Why is he single and what does the carfax say about his dating history?

Do your research but don’t look like a stalker. You can lurk but don’t be obvious with it!!! If you get caught, I didn’t tell you shit, in fact, you never saw this post! (LOL)

run no GIF

So don’t go through his phone or press all his buttons to see if he snaps because more than likely he will and your ass is on your own from that point on!

Take these 90 days and put in the effort of knowing who you’re dealing with and why you’re dealing with him. If you don’t see a real reason or purpose, then let him go... Fellas, LET HIM GO! Don’t keep him around for some good dick and ass. Don’t allow him to tamper with your love signals.

I don’t care how he pretends to act after declaring the dating separation. If you stay, it will be out desperation and the longer you stay the harder it will be for you to get rid of him. But if he ain’t a good fit for you terminate his ass.