Adonis by Kyhry: Sexy Underwear for You to Rock for Your Man or Her Man That’s Lowkey With You!

I know many of my readers love men in underwear shit half of you love them out of underwear.

There’s nothing sexier than seeing a gorgeous arse man in tight sexy ass underwear. I met a guy who has his own underwear line, and I thought I’d have him on JBA to promote it. He’s one of the FINEST eye candy on the gram and he looks good in his own branding line of briefs, male thongs, and more from Adonis Underwear by Kyhry.

Now if you don’t have a pair of Adonis Underwear by @iam_kyhry  then I don’t know what you’re waiting on. Summer is approaching and you know you want to pull all the trade on the block or at the gym, whoever you are trying to impress.

He has everything you would fantasize about wearing or what you would wish to see another man wearing for you. His underwear is in high demand so just know, everybody and their gay uncle got a pair. Now if you don’t have a couple in your drawer or the closet, you better get your hands on them now!

For the record, this summer will be the best summer to rock these comfortable, trendy underwear will sell like hotcakes. I also think they will be his top-selling underwear for men.

If you plan to go to sexy beach parties, sex parties, or even sizzle or somebody’s average backyard gay function this summer you can rock Andois Underwear by Kyhry. Even if you plan on wearing his products only for your man to see, grab you a pair.

This line of underwear is beyond sexy and you can wear them for all occasions. Plus the model himself is the genius behind the line so you know if it looks good on him, it will look good on you too!

I believe in supporting our own and buying from black-owned companies and franchises. So I wanted Kyhry to come and share his underwear line with you guys. Adonis Underwear by Kyhry fellas meets the man behind the brand! Make sure you guys purchase all of his top-selling underwear after reading this interview. Your man or even her man may end up satisfied and want to thank you later for buying yourself some Adonis Underwear (if you know what I mean WINK!)

What made you create your very own underwear line?

Besides my low-key underwear addiction, it was always a challenge for me to find underwear styles I liked. Either they were too erotic or too plain for me. I figured that other guys had the same problem, so I launched an online site that sold underwear from several brands. At first, had a collection full of underwear from many brands that fit my style.

After one year of selling other underwear brands, it was time for me to develop ADONIS into its own brand. The underwear space was still new. I knew I could create my underwear line because of my design background.

Creating your own line was a genius idea and that one decision has made you a sensational eye candy model on social media. EVERYBODY BUYING THEM BIHHHH, (IN MY TS MADISON VOICE!) EVERYBODY!!! For my next question, I ask all my guests this one specific question. What makes you black, gay, and proud?

Being a business owner in the fashion retail world as a gay black man. You don’t see too many of us owning a professional business so I’m proud to be one of the few.

I am proud to have you represent your brand and success story here on JBA! It is inspiring to read your story and testimony on how you got your start in the business of selling OTHER brands underwear and then creating your OWN lane. That alone is inspirational for even me as a writer. Many people who want to achieve success are often too afraid to step out on faith. You already know the boys will rock your underwear in the next coming months and years to come after reading this interview. How often do you wear Adonis By Kyhry yourself, as the brand creator and owner of the company?

I wear my brand almost every day and I’m not just saying that. The proof is on my personal Instagram page (@iam_kyhry). You’ll see several photos of me lounging around the house or being silly dancing in front of my bathroom mirror wearing ADONIS.

I’m also the model in our new Spring/Summer ’18 underwear campaign. I used myself because I wanted to show people I stand behind the products I create. I don’t know of any other fashion designers or business owners in the man’s underwear industry that wear and model their own products. I’m the only guy to do this and I take pride in doing so.

Most guys are always wearing briefs and boxers [yawn] boring right? So with your underwear line, besides the sexy part. How comfortable would you consider the underwear to be in your honest opinion?

They’re very comfortable. Our products are made of top quality soft and stretchy fabrics to create a body-defining fit and pleasant wearing experience.

We also have over 700 positive customer reviews on our website, many of them rave about just how comfortable our underwear is.

I will say, I think you should sell your underwear to the strippers, Instagram models, Adult entertainers, the touring boys. You know, the boys out here selling a little tail. That shit would give you massive exposure. Where do you see your brand in the next decade?

Not the touring boys… [lol] … You have no clue how many videos and homemade Tumblr videos I’ve come across of guys having intimacy in ADONIS underwear. Trust me when I tell you I’ve seen some freaky-deaky shit.

The goal right now is to grow ADONIS into a sexy lifestyle brand for men. We will also add additional product lines to our brand.

Besides being a sexy ass underwear designer and creator, who is Kyhry? Tell the readers about yourself. They want to know about the guy behind the brand of all these sexy underwear products.

I’m a regular, down to earth, type of guy. I work hard but I also play hard. I hang out with my friends and family almost every other day. I’m so happy that I’m in a place that allows me to spend time and build memories with the people I love and care about the most. This is a blessing.

You’re a hard worker and you deserve to work hard and play harder. Now let’s say I was to start thirst trapping on IG? Your underwear is the best out. I wouldn’t want to show off the peach in other brands of underwear. Which product would you recommend for me?

Well, our X Black Jockstrap is a customer favorite, so you can’t go wrong with that but if you’re feeling adventurous. I recommend that you try our new Double-Strap Jock/Thong. The name says it all. It’s a sexy combination of a jockstrap and thong. They include this style in our latest Spring/Summer 2018 underwear collection and is available in blue or yellow.

Besides this incredible line, you got out right now. Do you plan on bringing us more products and lines?

Yes. We already have a small collection of shirts that includes a lace and mesh shirt. Both shirts are sold out. We will restock them soon. We’re also releasing our first swimwear collection next month in May.

You have a large following on social media. I don’t think many people know how conversions work and the ratio in sales. Now let’s speak to other inspiring up-and-coming brand owners, who may also want to start their own underwear line. What’s one piece of advice you have learned first hand while owning a company? What are advice pieces you could give other black gay business owners for starting their own businesses as well?

Focus on building your social media following first. Create posts and content that targets the customer you’re trying to reach. Don’t launch your product or business right away without already having a decent amount of followers.

Before launching ADONIS, I think I had about 10k followers on my personal Instagram account. I took the time to build a decent, loyal following first for a reason. I knew at least 20% of these followers would support me when I launched my business.

You are very successful with your company and also a popular guy on social media. What would you say is your most significant challenge as a company holder? What has been the hardest part of running your own business?

Delegating responsibility is a huge challenge for me! I have a small, talented team but I’m sometimes too involved in every aspect of my business.

I’m an independent “do it yourself” type of guy but it’s important to trust the people you hired. I have to work on assisting my team instead of always taking over. A business won’t grow but so much if one person tries to do it all.

We must support black-owned businesses and brands. Without a doubt, we have to buy black-owned products. Who in your honest opinion would you give a shout-out to support their black-owned business?

I have to give a shout-out to the talented people I’ve worked within the past. Dior Davis (IG @DiorDavis) who is a very creative Videographer/Photographer. The stressful and sometimes boring stuff like business taxes, business licenses, accountant, etc. but since it’s essential, you suck it up and deal with it.

Many celebs are getting paid for advertising underwear on social media. If you could choose five male celebs to model your underwear line, who would be on that list? One person I think who would amaze is Milan Christopher [them cakes!!!]

Milan Christopher is great. He was the main model for our Winter 2017 underwear campaign. Besides being sexy, he is laid-back and fun to work with.

My top 5 male celebrities to model ADONIS would be Tank, Odell Beckham Jr., Michael B. Jordan, Nathan Owens, and Tyson Beckford. All of these guys would make ADONIS look grand and help the brand reach another level.

Before closing out this interview can you tell the readers where they can purchase these fantastic sexy ass products? Also, how can they see your beautiful self as well?

[Awww] You can see more of me by following my personal IG page @iam_kyhry. Our products are sold only at

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