I’ve been blogging since I was 18 years old and this year (2018) marked ten years for me [LEGENDARY]! I’ve experienced a lot and met so many loyal supporters throughout the years, many of them still support me to this day. I prefer quality over quantity when it comes to my blog. I’ve received words of encouragement from gay men of color from across the globe! My words, my thoughts, my writings have influenced and impacted so many lives within this community.

With over 500k views in the last five months of revamping my blog and me working hard towards that 1 million view spot. I am beyond thankful and humbled of my progress as a writer and author.

I am 28 years old, born and raised in New Jersey. I am Black and Portuguese. Writing has always been therapeutic for me. I wrote poetry and lyrics which turned into me writing about my feelings and experiences as a young gay man in my youthful years. After graduating high school, I decided that I would take my journals and turn them into blog articles. I never imagined myself reaching such a milestone in my writing journey.

JBA originated from personal stories based on my own experiences and had created a life of its own. Now I’m writing for thousands and thousands of gay men of color and many of them have expressed their gratitude in me speaking out and openly sharing common struggles, problems, and situations in our community. Now with over 100 articles written, I plan on taking my name and brand way further than just my blog. I’m also an author and inspiring filmmaker and television/film producer. I like to consider myself a creative genius with vivid dreams of taking the world by storm with my writing and gifts. My dream is to be in the position where my stories can go beyond the web and onto the big screen/small screen. I want to represent for a community that is often unappreciated and underground.

Writing has always given me the freedom to express my inner thoughts and my goals in life. I love telling stories from other people’s point-of-view. Which helps me create non-fiction stories and real-life situations based on my experiences and others in the gay community. I have a broad way of writing articles that are so relatable to others it’s undeniable how much of a connection with my readers has with my writing. I’ve made it my duty to make sure I’m writing to you and not at any of my readers. I want my readers to feel a connection beyond just the words but my emotions and feelings. I want you to feel you’re having a one-on-one conversation with me. Bringing a personable approach to my writing has helped me create a stable, supportive group of followers.

As a writer, I have situations I go through and writer’s block from time to time, but my supporters keep me going period. There’s never been a time when I wanted to give up or turn my back on my supportive readers. This blog is just my start for all the greatness I have to present, and I will expand my brand within due time. It’s about time, and when the success comes, I know my core audience will continue to support me.

MEANING BEHIND THE NAME: I wanted to create a name that represented me to the core. “Just Being Anthony,” wasn’t a selfish title. I have been fighting off judgment and being stereotyped since childhood. I don’t fit into your stereotypical box as a Black gay male. I’m In-between (masculine and feminine). I love bottoms, and some feminine gay men turn me on. I don’t describe to the norms of what the gay community defines for us. I set my own rules, and I have established my life as a gay man of color by my own definition. I wanted to separate myself from what gay men say is right/wrong. I’m just being me, and I’ll never fit the model of what a gay man of color looks like or supposed to be.



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